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Assuming that some of you haven’t heard of it already I would like to recommend ‘Lomography’ to anyone interested in photography. I have one lomo-camera, my fisheye lens camera. I love looking at their photos on their website and Facebook page (just type ‘Lomography’ and it should be the first hit). Like today they posted this inspiring story of Jeff Harris who have been taking his portrait for 13 years. I mean you hear about those people who do the 365 photo projects, which basically is taking one photo a day for a year. But 13 years? That’s impressive and a new level of commitment. Click on the link to see his inspiring and creative work

I posted some of my Lomo photographs last year, which you can see again here

Here are some more of my lomographies


Long live the 80’s. I seriously wish I could live my twenties in the 80’s. Times when being rebellious was considered a must and if you wanted to get to know someone you had to man up and talk to the person not Facebook stalk them or Whats App them. The hair was big and the lips were pink. It was the prime time for the music and film industry. Sarah Jessica Parker was not a confused forty year old party girl, but dancing in ‘Footloose’. Molly Ringwald was playing in ‘Pretty In Pink’ and people knew Otis Redding for his music and not because of Kanye West. You couldn’t drunk message people online and you didn’t over analyze when a certain someone likes your status or profile picture. Big gestures were in order. You had hip hop groups like Run–D.M.C. instead of One Direction. People were more spontaneous. High waste jeans were appropriate attire and boys didn’t wear their trousers on their knees. Gangsters were real gangster and not unemployed nobodies. Everybody could dance. There would actually be proper dances with live bands and not dry humping in a club with shit music. People got fake IDs so they could vote. Male characters like Andrew ‘Andy’ Clark would still be believable. Kevin Bacon was still hot. Maybe I’m romanticizing the 80’s, but I can’t help it. The Breakfast Club. 

These are the first photos I took with my Polaroid camera. Miles was the lucky model to pop my Polaroid cherry. Still a work in progress taking good Polaroid photos. 1981 Polaroid Time-Zero OneStep Instant Camera

Oh dear. I have been so shit with the lack of updates this term and I do honestly feel bad. Especially when my statistics says that some of you frequently visit my blog to see if I have posted something. So to those people, my most sincere apologies. I do want to improve, but this term has just been crazy busy and hopefully there will be more time for blogging this coming term. So to avoid writing an essay I thought I would just post some photos of the highlights from this term.


Then New Year’s came around, which was surprisingly good this year even though we didn’t travel. I wore a gold sequin dress with an open back and drank cheap champagne. Photo booth was used once again for the ultimate ‘Hey there 2012 I am gonna greet you drunk and disorderly’ picture.

Of course a lot more happened. I bought a vintage Polaroid camera, I started using the camera on my phone more than my proper cameras, which is quite regrettably, so I am now one of them annoying let’s take a picture of everything, then do some hipsmatic editing and upload it to Facebook kind of people. I guess if I have one new years resolution this year it would be to get more into photographing again. Maybe I should kick of the new year with a new camera? I skydived and had exams. I have given up on new years resolutions many years ago. What a fucking (pardon my french) dumb idea that anything in 2012 is gonna be any different from anything in 2011. You’re still the same person, with the same dreams and hopes and you really shouldn’t need a specific date to start working towards them. Especially when it comes to training, what the hell is that about? Is New years magically gonna give you some special super power that allows you to finally get the amazingly fit body you always wanted? I don’t think so. If you want my advise stay away from any gym in January, it’s just gonna be filled up with a serious case of failures. You’re probably wondering where my highlights are. Well maybe there weren’t any or maybe wordpress is being difficult. You choose.