Monthly Archives: October 2011

Blogging is so last year. No, not really. Sorry for the lack of updates guys, it’s just so busy at the start of term. I’ve started coaching two dance teams, joined tennis, the Law Society, the Volunteering team and the Prince’s Trust Competition. And then guess what, I’m studying as well. Sometimes you tend to forget that’s why you’re at college, but I have been working hard with my tutorial questions and I have been going to all my lectures, so it’s all good. Unfortunately in the middle of this I kinda forgot to blog. I know you guys from back home are wondering what I’m up to and I promise once it calms down a bit I will get back in the routine of updating regularly. I went to Sports Fed last Wednesday, which is like a student night out for all the sports teams at campus. I went with tennis for the first time and we dressed up as retro tennis players. I have to say, that night definitely goes on the top 10 list of best nights out ever on campus. We all got so smashed and of course I had a 10 AM lecture the next day. I was hanging so bad.

So happy I joined tennis. I can’t play tennis for shit, but the people are so nice. I also met some well cool Norwegians from Oslo, which is a rear occurrence. This Wednesday we’re dressing up as Pirates and because I’m bad to the bone, I’m gonna have to go full-out Davy Jones style. Tomorrow I’m also taking part in a volunteering project in the local community. Right now I’m in the library working on my tutorial questions, then I’m having lunch with Delic followed by a career conference and more lectures. Of course I’m ill as well, which makes everything a bit shit and it’s so awkward sneezing in lectures and 200 people turn around whispering ‘bless you’…