Excitement – Amazement – Frustration

So I haven’t had internet for a few days and I have been busy with moving in to our new house. I’m pretty happy with the house and have started to accept that all houses in England are made of brick and has carpets instead of wooden floors. It’s a two-floor house and we all have nice bedrooms with double beds. On Tuesday we went to IKEA, which was an experience in itself. I don’t know if being overly excited about IKEA is a Scandinavian thing, but I don’t know any Scandinavians who doesn’t love IKEA. The house was fully furnished so I only got stuff for my bedroom, like pictures and bed sheets etc. IKEA can be summed up in Excitement – Amazement – Frustration. First you’re really excited about going to IKEA, you can picture your room full of IKEA stuff and how amazing it’s gonna be. Then you have amazement, which is the feeling you get when you’re in IKEA looking at all the showrooms and can wholehearted say that who ever invented IKEA was a genius. Finally you have frustration, which can be a result of many things. Like when you realize that you’re living in a privately rented house and can’t buy the biggest chandelier they have because you can’t screw anything into the walls. Or the frustration you experience when you realize that you have bought too much stuff to fit in the car you were driving. The final frustration of course takes place at home when you can’t make sense of anything that the instructions say. Then you conclude that the person who wrote the instructions is an incompetent asshole. The room and house are still a work in progress, but I did take some photos of my room.


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