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Today me and my mom had dinner at (awkwardly enough in English) ‘Dickens’. Had the most amazing pasta with asparagus and tomatoes. It rains a lot, like a lot, a lot in Bergen. People tend to say it’s always raining in Bergen, which is not far from the truth. It rains 242 days a year and between 15 and 21 days a month. Charming, right? But that’s what we’re known for and I personally love rain. It’s like how Californians love sun, you get attached to the rain in a different way. It’s how Eskimos have hundreds of words for snow, bergenese people have the most names for rain in the world. The raining thing is just Bergen though, not Norway. Anyway, sidetrack, in other words it was raining a lot today. So me and my mom went to the cinema and watch ‘hodejegerne’ or headhunters. It’s based on the book ‘headhunters’ by Jo Nesbø, which I have actually read. Wow, just amazing. The film was absolutely outstanding in every way. It is actually being screened worldwide. It has already come to some European countries, America and Canada. Apparently Jo Nesbø is really famous in America. I think it’s coming to the UK too, not sure. Anyone who can go see it, please do, it’s a great film.


This Norwegian summer hasn’t really been much of a summer. It’s been cold and rainy. It makes me wanna go back to to Spain. This Easter I went to Spain twice, first to Lloret de Mar and then Tenerife. Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Islands. I really, really wish we could have gone to the the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. However that’s in February which is not really vacation time for me. I also might be going to Istanbul and Sharm El-Sheikh in the nearest future, exciting stuff. In Istanbul there is this boat ride you can take that takes you from the west (Europe) and to the East (Africa) so it’s literally a journey from west to east. On the boat ride you get to see all the beautiful palaces that’s along the waterside. Thought I show you some pictures from Tenerife that makes me long for good friends, champagne and warm mornings on the terrace.
ph_private olympus pen camera 17mm

They should call me the queen of procrastination. I can procrastinate my way through everything and anything. I finally handed in my work and I am entering my 29th hour awake. And you know how you never have time to do anything, but when you only have that one thing you really have to do, suddenly you have time to do everything (a part from that one thing of course). I had to re-do one of my essays because I didn’t get an extension when I broke three fingers earlier this year, which made it kind of hard to type. Which of course was a result of a very messy night out. Me falling down the biggest stone staircase known to man at 5 o’clock in the morning. And then my roommate Nico had to take me to the emergency room at 6 in the morning. It was all very dramatic. Plus I was very drunk, which would explain why I asked the taxi driver to turn up the stereo so I could and I quote “sing my way through the pain”. When the pain didn’t go away of course I asked my doctor for morphine. Then I was also very confused when we were leaving and I went up to the front desk and asked where I could pay and if they took card. It was free. It’s like my Cali friend Hilary said, you can trace anything bad or stupid back to alcohol. I can imagine a lot of TV scripts being written while drunk. And babies, especially babies. Which most of the times is a result of mercy sex, which always should be traced back to alcohol. This is all very pessimistic, but hey I’ve been awake for 29 hours. One of the things that got me through this night was N.E.R.D’s album ‘Nothing’ on repeat all night.

So I moved my blog to wordpress. Pretty satisfied so far, the domain itself offers a lot more opportunities than my previous domain. The themes are great and my previous domain did not have “blavatars” and neat features like that. So I know some of the traffic I have now are my previous readers following me to wordpress, and I can also tell that some of the readers are new. I am not going to present you with a 20,000 word biography, but I thought I should say a few words. I am a girl from Bergen, Norway currently living in England. Bergen is pretty unknown in the world. I once said I was from Bergen, they look confused before asking “Burger”? However I am a proud Bergenese (these words do get made up as we go along). Bergen is like the cultural hub of the west coast, in my opinion the cultural hub of Norway. There is one thing Bergen produce that I am very proud of and that is great music. Some of my favorite bands are from Bergen, KOC – Kings Of Convenience, Datarock, Casio Kids, Kakkmaddafakka, Razika, Sondre Lerche, Young Dreams and Röyksopp, just to mention a few. Another thing you might not know, every year Bergen donate the Christmas Tree seen in Newcastle’s Haymarket. Other than that I take a lot of photos which I of course will post here.

Magical song. They are coming to London in October as “Special Guests” at Sondre Lerche’s concert. So if you are around London you should definitely come, it’s Thursday 6 October Square Bar & Kitchen at 8 PM.